All the Things We Do!

We welcome adults of all abilities and limitations.


Our individual-centered goal oriented activities enable the participant to strengthen sociability, personal growth, independence, and healthy relationship building. At Eastside Explorers, we strive to create a welcoming and fun experience for our participants to create new and fun memories with other participants, strengthening our Eastside community.

To assure the most comfortable and pleasant experience for our participants, we offer both large and small programs, ensuring that everyone has the proper assistence and guidence as necessary.

Community Inclusion

Participants are encouraged to join in on community activities and experiences through planned outings. Exploring local public spaces gives participants the opportunity to use and develop abilities and personal competencies.

Social Engagement

The Eastside Explorers program offers participants a social setting where they can engage in group activities with their peers and create lasting, meaningful relationships.

Cognitive Stimulation

Our life-enrichment program promotes cognition through various clubs and activities meant to stimulate the mind. Our Social Competence club for example, teaches participants important life skills such as reasoning and awareness.


The Eastside Explorers program encourages creativity through art and expression. Participants navigate the world of art through various mediums and styles including music, collage, murals and more.

Let's Go Places!

Come explore the greater Portland Metro area with us on planned, supervised outings that enrich the mind and exercise the body.